30 Days Wild - Day 7

 30 Days Wild - Day 7 ~ 7th June 2015 ~

Today I made the most of the beautiful weather and snoozed in the garden for a few hours which was lovely. The sound of Starlings and the buzzing of bees was pretty much constant and the chittering of House Martins high up in the sky somewhere was nice to hear too.

I also managed to get to one of our ringing sites to check on a Lapwing nest that we found last time we were there. It still had 4 eggs in it and we are hopeful they will hatch!

This evening I managed to get to my patch as well. Not a long visit and I only had time to check the pools but still lots of Lapwing and some very cute Lapwing chicks about. Plus the four Egyptian Goose chicks are now almost as big as their parents and seem to be doing well. I also saw a couple of Stock Doves which was nice as they're not a common bird around here!

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