30 Days Wild - Day 18

 30 Days Wild - Day 18 ~ 18th June 2015 ~

This evening when I took our dog for a walk, instead of putting my walking boots on, I donned my trainers instead. We didn't go for a long walk as our dog went for some hydrotherapy (swimming) this morning so was quite tired and achey but he was still keen to go for a walk.

Because there are lots of young Rabbits around at the moment, we have, for the first time in over 8 years, got to take dog treats with us to persuade him to stay with us instead of chasing the scent of the Rabbits.

Despite our dog having been swimming this morning, he was still full of beans this evening so it was a good job I put my trainers on as it meant I could run around with him and chase him through the wildflowers in the field we walk round which is good fun as the vegetation is just a little too high for him to see over so he has to jump through it in a fashion akin to spring lambs...it's rather entertaining if I'm honest!

After a mad 20 minutes or so dashing about, I stopped to take some photos and then we headed home. Here are some of the pics from this evening:

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