30 Days Wild - Week 4

30 Days Wild: Week 4 (and a bit) ~ 22-30th June 2016 ~ 

You can find weeks 1, 2 & 3 below:

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Here's what I got up to in the last week and a bit of June...

Day 22: I emptied the moth trap first thing then was studying for the rest of the day, before going for a walk up to my patch in the evening.
L->R: Dark Arches, Flame Shoulder, Endotricha flammealis, Bee Orchid.

Day 23: Who said moths were boring?!
L->R: Dichomeris marginella, The Flame, Scythropia crataegella, Broad-barred White,
Double-striped Pug, Blotched Emerald, Pseudargyrotoza conwagana.

Day 24: A super walk round patch produced lots of insects and butterflies.
L->R: (top) Caterpillar sp, Pyramidal Orchid, Silver-studded Blue, Black-and-yellow Longhorn Beetle, Small Heath (bottom) Silver-studded Blue, Grasshopper sp, Scorpionfly, Burnet moth caterpillar, Common Blue.
Day 25: I had a great day down at Martin Down NNR in Hampshire, with my friend Max Hellicar. We saw Turtle Doves, lots of insects, flowers and butterflies and also got drenched just as we were heading back to the car. Once back home we headed to my patch where we found a Turtle Dove, my first ever on patch, so that was pretty cool! I also set the moth trap.
L->R: (top) Gasteruption jaculator, Turtle Dove, Marbled White, Tree Pipit, Pyramidal Orchid,
(bottom), Bloody-nosed Beetle, Yellowhammer, Small Heath, Corn Bunting, Dark Green Fritillary.
Day 26: Emptied the moth trap then went for a wonderful walk round patch with my parents and our dog.
L->R: (top) Our dog, Heath SPotted Orchid,The stream on patch, Large Skipper, Glyphipterix thrasonella, Red Polar Leaf Beetle larvae (bottom), female Common Blue Damselfly, Common Darter, male Beautiful Demoiselle, male Common Blue Damselfly, Comma Butterfly, Golden-ringed Dragonfly.
Day 27: A walk round patch and some cool moths.
L->R: Bell Heather, Uncertain, Yellow Shell, Marbled Orchard Tortrix, Eudonia lacustrata, Anania coronata.
Day 28: Attended a University open day and around the campus there was lots of wildlife including wild flower patches, bees and also lots of Swifts screaming around in the skies above. Sadly no photos from today.

Day 29: No photos again I'm afraid. In the evening I went up to the park with our dog, a tennis ball and a tennis racket and had great fun hitting the ball as far as I could for the dog to chase and run around like the loony that she is!

Day 30: Where has this month gone?! Sadly the weather put me off doing much today so all I got up to was studying, checking I have everything for our holiday and a quick run up at the park with our dog, though I think I wore her out!
The dog was a bit knackered.

So I'm not really sure where June has gone because a lot sure happened in it! Here's to many more wild days & crazy adventures.

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