30 Days Wild - Week 3

30 Days Wild: Week 3 ~ 15-21st June 2016 ~ 

You can find weeks 1 & 2 below:

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Here goes Week 3 of #30DaysWild...

Day 15: Lots of moths, a beautiful walk round my patch with a single orchid and lots of fledged birds. In the evening I help lead a Nightjar walk on my patch and everyone in the group got great views of the birds and seemed to enjoy themselves (except for the midges)!
L->R: Small Magpie Moth, View on my walk, Bright Line Brown Eye, Yellow Rattle,
Poplar Leaf Beetle larvae, Common Spotted Orchid, Group of Nightjar watchers.

Day 16: Moths and some 'interesting' weather on the drive up to Bristol.
L->R: Cool clouds, Large Tabby (Aglossa pinguinalis)

Day 17: Sadly not too much 'wild' today as I was visiting the University of Bristol for an open day. There was some rather brilliant weather on the drive up to Swansea in the afternoon though.

Day 18: Marginally more 'wild' today as the Swansea University campus has lots of wildflower patches and is right by the beach. I saw lots of Bees and other pollinators but I didn't get any pictures. There was some lovely scenery on the way home though (if you ignore the pylon). Also a moth had made its way inside and onto our landing wall so I rescued it and put it back outside.
L->R: View on the drive home and Riband Wave.

Day 19: Father's day...I went for a nice walk in the morning but didn't take any photos. The spent the evening trying to ID moths from my pictures.

Day 20: I had a lovely walk in the evening with my parents and we saw a Golden-ringed Dragonfly, some Bee Orchids and some moths.
L->R: Golden-ringed Dragonfly x2, Bee Orchid, Pebble Hook-tip, Small Magpie.

Day 21: All about the moths! Moths during the day and set the moth trap in the evening as well.
L->R: Straw Dot, Riband Wave, Moth trap, Dark Arches, Micro Moth sp.

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