30 Days Wild - Week 2

30 Days Wild: Week 2 ~ 8-14th June 2016 ~ 

Following on from my first week of #30DaysWild, here are the next 7 days of my wild adventures in June!

Day 8: Went through the moth trap and it had lots of lovely species in it! I also went for a lovely dog walk round patch but didn't manage to take any photographs.
L->R: Heart & Club, Light Emerald, Middle-barred Minor, Small Magpie, Heart & Dart, Tachystola acroxantha, Shears.

Day 9: I set the moth trap again and had already caught a few when I checked it late at night.
L->R: Scoparia subfusca, True Lover's Knot, Tachystola acroxantha, Light Brown Apple Moth.

Day 10: More moths and a lovely walk with our crazy dog.
L->R: Heart & Club, Common Blue Damselfly, Elephant Hawkmoth, Our mad dog.

Day 11: A superb walk round my local area (see my blog here for more detail and photos).
L->R: Speckled Wood, Green Tiger Beetle, Common Heath, Wasp Beetle, Slow Worm.

Day 12: A nice walk in the morning with my dad looking for Dragon and Damselflies and a nice walk in the evening with the dog.
L->R: (TOP) View on walk, Four-spotted Chaser, Beautiful Demoiselle,
(BOTTOM) Micropterix aruncella, Our dog, Blue-tailed Damselfly.

Day 13: A lovely evening walk with my mum.
L->R: Nice sunset, Lobesia reliquana, A micro moth, Cinnabar Moth.

Day 14: A cracking evening spent looking for Nightjars on my local patch with my mum (turn the sound up, click play and listen until the end)!

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