30 Days Wild: Week 1

30 Days Wild: Week 1 ~ 1-7th June 2016 ~ 

This year I am going to be rather lazy with my blogging in that instead of doing a daily round up of my wildlife adventure, I am simply going to do a weekly summary, accompanied with plenty of photographs of course!

Day 1: 2 days previously (on Monday 30th) I had arrived down at Portland Bird Observatory in Dorset. This meant that there were plenty of birds to be seen, as well as the daily chance to rifle through the moth traps and see what had been caught (and which species I could ID!) I also went for a wander with Liam, one of the other NGBs down at the Obs to look at some plants and insects, however our walk got cut short due to an increase in wind and a sudden downpour!
L->R: Spotted Flycatcher, Lesser Trefoil, Eyed Hawkmoth, Hairy Buttercup & Silver Y.

Day 2: I was still at Portland so more birds and moths were on the cards. The weather brightened up a bit in the afternoon and I went for a walk with some of the NGBs to look for the Great Spotted Cuckoo (we saw it numerous times during our stay!) We saw some other wildlife in the Obs garden too.
L->R: White Ermine, Large Red Damselfly, View from Obs, Painted Lady, Four-spotted Moth.

Day 3: More moths, birds and nature down at Portland. Great Spotted Cuckoo seen again!
L->R: Thistle Ermine, Grasshopper sp, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Swollen-thighed Beetle, Drinker Moth.

Day 4: Headed home from Portland but still had time to look at some moths and the GS Cuckoo again (got there only minutes before it flew off for the morning). Stopped in the New Forest on the way home but dipped Goshawk & Honey Buzzard yet again...had to make do with some Redstarts and a singing Firecrest. Once home, headed to patch for a quick wander and saw some cool beetles that I've yet to ID (any help is much appreciated).
L->R: Burnished Brass, Acres Down, Great Spotted Cuckoo, Mullein Moth, Unidentified Beetle.

Day 5: I wasn't up too early but spent most of the day doing a bird ringing demonstration at one of our local sites as part of a Wildlife Day event that was being held. I didn't get the chance to take any photographs as I was busy talking to people about birds and ringing, but luckily my dad took a photo of us showing the ringing process to members of the public. Everyone seemed very interested and we got asked some great questions. It's always a pleasure to do ringing demonstrations, especially where there are lots of really enthusiastic kids there as well.
Bird ringing demonstration at Fleet Pond Wildlife Day

Day 6: Went through the moth trap, sat in the sun with our dog and visited patch. On patch I saw lots of birds as well as some insects and other wildlife.
L->R: Grey Pine Carpet, Scorched Wing, Clouded Border, Patch sunset, Our dog, Cool Beetle, Damselfly.

Day 7: A bit of a lazy day today but I did put the moth trap out again. Had to move it under a tree around midnight though as it started raining.
L->R: Mottled Pug, Shieldbug sp, The moth trap after moving it out of the rain.

Well that's it for this week but tune in around the 14/15th for the next instalment of my #30DaysWild!

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