Quintessentially British

Quintessentially British: A visit to a Bluebell Wood ~ 24th April 2016 ~ 

Today my parents and I decided to make the most of some nice weather. We headed to Ambarrow Wood, a local wood that is renowned for its annual display of Bluebells, and we certainly weren't disappointed! Here are a few photos from today. Let me know your favourite images in the comments!

1. Bluebells
2. Bluebells
3. Bluebells
4. Bluebells
5. Bluebells
6. Bluebells
7. Bluebells
8. Beech in leaf
9. Wild Garlic
10. Sycamore leaves


  1. It is so hard to pick, they are all brilliant! If I had to pick, my favourites would be 2 and 5. :)

  2. My favourite would be No.1 showing the worn path where so many people have enjoyed the Bluebells and the wood in general. Gorgeous pictures x

  3. All are fantastic but my favourites have to be 1 & 2, followed by 3 & 5 for closer-up shots :)