Images from the past few months

Good evening everyone. Firstly I must apologise for leaving it so long to write another post. I have been very busy over the last couple of months with school, however I have managed to get out quite a bit too; including a trip to Norfolk and a visit to some of the London Parks.

Here are some shots that I have taken over the last couple of months:

Kestrel at Sunset. Taken one evening at Moor Green Lakes in Berkshire.
Starling in the Snow. Taken in my garden one snowy day in January.
Macro shot of the feathers on a roadkill male Pheasant.
One of the many Fallow Deer at Bushy Park. 
White-fronted Goose take off. 
Macro of a dew drop on a grass stem. Taken one bright day in February.
Brent Goose close offshore at Titchfield Haven. Taken on yesterdays trip to Titchfield Haven (02.04.13).
Black-headed Gull silhouette at sunset. Taken on a different trip to Titchfield Haven.

And to finish off, two landscape shots taken shortly after the Black-headed Gull image above.

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  1. A lovely set of images! I particularly like the macro of the pheasant feather!

    Lou :)